Help Japan

On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake which was later updated to 9.0. The death toll continues to rise even to this day and I urge you to donate what you can to help out.

You can also donate through the American Red Cross website here: American Red Cross

Other ways you can help: How You Can Help

You can follow Time’s ongoing coverage here: The Japan Quake


Tangled in theaters!

Tangled is officially out in theaters today! A lot of time, effort, hard work and determination went into creating Disney’s 50th animated feature and if you decide to go out and see it this holiday season, I hope you enjoy it. =)

Tangled Wrap Party

On Saturday, 10/16/10, I had the privilege of attending the ‘Tangled’ wrap party in L.A. The event started off with a premiere showing of the film at the El Capitan Theater and was then followed by the after party across the street at the Highlands Hollywood Nightclub. Seeing the film in a completed state was something I had looked forward to for quite awhile. Usually, my perception of each shot was limited to their lower-resolution, maya playblast counterpart – but seeing the film with all it’s bells and whistles really blew me away. (HUGE congrats to the lighting and look departments for that.) This was also an opportunity to show my fiance what I’ve been working on for the past few months and I was glad for the opportunity to show her before the official release date.

It was equally as great seeing everyone from Disney again. The sense of accomplishment for helping to complete a feature film is definitely a memorable experience but, for this film in particular, completing it with this specific group of artists is something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

As we ate, drank and danced our way through the night, I was fortunate enough to take a moment and reflect upon my surroundings. Around me were artists/animators who were considered the best in their field, established actors who were famous in their own right, and significant others who had the arduous task of supporting their loved ones through many late nights and long weekends. And as I realized where I was at that specific moment, I couldn’t help but feel honored for being a part of something special. ‘Tangled’ marks the 50th film in Disney’s rich repertoire and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Meet the People Behind the Pixels

*Updated 4/1/11*

Please allow me to introduce the animators of Tangled!! =)

Video by Claudio de Oliveira:

Thanks Claudio!! =)

Inspirational Artist: Pascal Campion

One of my favorite artists is Pascal Campion. He is known for creating breathtakingly gorgeous illustrations on a daily basis. What inspires me the most about his work is how each piece tries to tell a story and captures an intimate moment in time. Whether it be motivated by a particular event or even by an emotion he once felt, each one is a sincere and heartfelt look into his personal life. I find that most great artists similarly turn towards their own personal life experiences for inspiration and what Pascal creates only exemplifies the simple truth: that life is beautiful.

Please enjoy this artist highlight video and don’t forget to check out his work after the jump! =)

You can also check out his daily illustrations here:

The Sound of Music

Music plays a big part in my life. Even when I’m watching tv or a movie, I like to pay attention to the background music to see how much it actually effects me emotionally in addition to what I’m seeing on the screen. Does the music help illicit a stronger emotional response? How would the scene play out if there were no music at all?

One of the best composers (in my opinion) in film and/or television is Michael Giacchino. His music can be heard in popular tv shows such as Alias and LOST and he is also responsible for scoring feature films – most notably Up – for which he won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition. That one montage at the beginning was an emotional roller coaster in and of itself – and Michael was able to craft a perfect compliment to the visual that didn’t hinder it or distract from it.

One last example of the emotional pull that Michael’s music has is in the song “Looking Glass Half Full” from the 3rd season of LOST. This particular piece accompanies a scene where one of the main characters dies. And even without the visual aid or preconceived knowledge of the main storyline, you can feel the sorrow and the pain as well as the joy this one character felt throughout his life.

Best part starts around the 2:45 mark:

Music that moves us, I think, also helps us to experience life to a greater extent. I will always love the sound of a well played grand piano, and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of blasting Yo-Yo Ma’s prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 in my living room. =)

Wall Crawl

*Updated 10/12/10*

Been reading a lot of Spider-Man comics lately and was inspired to make a wall crawl/flip animation….

Let me know what you think! =)