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Tangled in theaters!

Tangled is officially out in theaters today! A lot of time, effort, hard work and determination went into creating Disney’s 50th animated feature and if you decide to go out and see it this holiday season, I hope you enjoy it. =)


Meet the People Behind the Pixels

*Updated 4/1/11*

Please allow me to introduce the animators of Tangled!! =)

Video by Claudio de Oliveira:

Thanks Claudio!! =)

Teehehe… I made a lightsaber…

Just for fun… =)

Tangled trailer

Meet Flynn!! =)


Just found this out tonight… a HUGE congrats to everyone at Blue Sky!!! WOOT!!! =)

“‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,’ the third installment of 20th Century Fox’s movie series about prehistoric animals, has become an international phenomenon, earning more than $600 million in overseas ticket sales and becoming the most popular animated film ever abroad.”

‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ racking up record sales overseas —